Boeing to pay 2,000 million to US to close a research of its aircraft 737 MAX

It is accused of hiding information to the regulator about the failure of design that caused two fatal accidents

A 737 Max for Boeing in the Seattle airport, Washington.
A 737 Max for Boeing in the Seattle airport, Washington.
  • USA The Congress blames Boeing of the tragedy of the 737-MAX

The U.S. Department of Justice announcement this Thursday came to an agreement with Boeing for the that aeronutica pay 2.500 million dollars (something ms € 2,000 million) to close a research of their planes are 737 MAX aircraft in which he was accused of hiding information to the regulator about the failure of design that caused two fatal accidents.

“The trgicos accident flight 610 from Lion Air and the flight 302 of Ethiopian Airlines exposed a fraudulent conduct and engaosa by employees of one of the leading manufacturers of commercial aircraft in the world,” he said in a statement the deputy attorney-general in functions David P. Burns, of the Division’s Criminal Justice Department.

According to the research, in 2016 two responsible driving, they discovered “a significant change” in the flight control system (MCAS) is the 737 MAX and, instead of sharing it with the FAA, Boeing “ocult information and enga” for the entity, what caused that the manuals and training materials for their drivers, don’t include data on this.

In October of 2018 took place on the accident Lion Air, which fell to the Java sea to 189 passengers, and in march of 2019 the Ethiopian Airlines, which is estrell close to the population of Bishoftu with 157 passengers, in both cases with aircraft 737 MAX, as revealed by the enquiries, went down headlong for a failure service in the MCAS that could not be controlled by the pilots.

“The employees of Boeing chose the path of profit compared to that of sincerity by hiding information material to the FAA (Administration Federal Aircraft) on the operation of its plane 737 MAX and making an effort to cover up its cheating”, indic Burns.

The monetary settlement includes a fine of almost 244 billion dollars to the Justice and 500 million in compensation to the families of the deceased in the accidents, while 1.770 millions of dollars are committed to compensate the aerolneas customers of Boeing for the losses which provoc the paralizacin of the 737 MAX to raz the second accident.

“This resolution is a serious reminder to us all of cun crtica is our duty of transparency with the regulators, and the consequences that our company may face if any of us does not meet those expectations,” he said in a memo to employees, president and CEO of Boeing, David Calhoun.

The escndalo of the 737 MAX, which was the avin star of Boeing, procurement, the firm in the worst economic crisis of its history, ocasionndole costs almost 20,000 million dollars because of its veto in the entire world and damaging your reputation while you undergo investigations and to a long process of revalidacin with international regulators.

The FAA gave the green light to Boeing on the 18th of November last in order for the 737 MAX return to fly with passengers and a week ago American Airlines oper the first flight in the U.S. after his recertificacin, precisely in the midst of another crisis, the pandemic of covid-19, which has hit the sector tourist with hardness due to the prohibitions of travel.

Boeing, which suggests that in their near quarterly results are write the amount of the fine, down 0.66% in operations electronic after the close of Wall Street in reaction to the news after close the day with gains.

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