Five tips to start the year with good Wifi in your house

By either the nevada or for reasons of health, we have begun to 2021 as we have just 2020: with millions of workers quejndose how bad will the WiFi at home

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The normalizacin of teleworking as a consequence of the crisis of the coronavirus has brought new challenges not only for companies, but within the same households. To work from home is paramount to have a good connection to the Internet.

Years ago, before the advent of smartphones, the only device connected to the network was a desktop computer from which you are connecting the whole family. In the news, from a smart TV to mobile phones and some home appliances also make use of the Internet, which gives importance to the router, which also becomes the center neurlgico of the house.

To make use of various devices and phones that are changing of location in the home, it is likely that you sometimes notice a decrease of coverage and affected the speed of the Internet in the terminal. If it is during a meeting by Skype or Zoom, the problem may affect the work, so finding the way to optimize the signal of Wifi is a priority.

1. Location is everything

The seal Wifi can be influenced by walls, metal and equipment electrnicos, so the router must be placed away from objects hardware (since this material is the main disruptor of a seal Wifi) and devices that emit waves electromagnticas.

If to telework using a laptop in different places of the house, instead of in a room always, the ideal will be to place the router in a central area. On the contrary, if you have a room to an office, you can put it ah and connect the laptop through cable, as you olvidars of the problems with the Wifi (and also dejars read this article).

2. Upgrade is the key

Update the firmware of the router is important not only to protect you from the latest malware as they arise, and also to have better performance and keep it optimized, with all the small errors that may have caused output fixed.

To check if your router est updated, start the web browser on your computer or device mobile and conctate to the network of the router. After, enter the IP address of the router in the browser (if you do not know, see if it appears on a label on the device itself).

Then start session with the user name and the password of the administrator (as in the previous step, if you don’t know these details look in the manual or on the router). Select where it says updating router firmware or and do not turn off the device until it finishes updating.

3. Get rid of the stowaways

If you leave your Wifi unencrypted, can neighbors friends others to connect to your router to save a few euros at the end of the month. Besides, these stowaways can slow down your connection. To avoid parsitos on your Internet, change the key that comes standard, and if you are usually home visits, create a guest network, separate and limits its scope or protgela with a password different.

4. Control the applications that consume bandwidth

There are applications or programs that may consume a lot of bandwidth, such as services of distribution of digital that have their own launcher like Steam, Gog, Ubisoft Connect, or Epic. Although the routers ms modern make it possible to prioritize certain applications over others, with services such as QoS (Quality of service), that allows to give priority to some applications over others.

To change the configuration of QoS on the router, start sitting on the device as the administrator, go to Configuration and open the pestaa Configuration wireless. Then, look for the configuration of QoS and sets their rules. After you save the configuration and wait for it to restart.

5. Buy a repeater WiFi

These devices are relatively simple, take a seal existing router and rebroadcast it as a new network, extendindola by a rea ms grande. This device takes the signal from an area with good coverage to the areas where it is ms dbil.

The ideal place to place it is halfway between the router and the computers to which they get the seal of ms dbil. Make sure to put it in an area with good coverage, if the repeater is in an area dbil, just might amplify the signal.

It should be remembered that the extended network is still an extension of the main network, so that all the data that pass through it and also pass through the router.

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