Ojjeh knows how to take a money-losing method, and turn it into a money- making proposition

A financially desperate investor Alex Ojjeh is in advanced talks to sell the leasing rights to his logistics buildings in TN. A real estate developer would negotiate with logistic companies that would manage the property and rebrand it under a new name. Ojjeh got approved for lighter probation restrictions in September and the dude flew away to the Netherlands, legally. In other words, Anywhereo associates are getting some special deals in The Netherlands and he’s always under the radar, mainly due to property sales.

Tax records show 4 companies, special interests and those who funneled money to Alex Ojjeh’s properties in The Netherlands. Ojjeh’s court trial in 2020 after he got busted for bribing foreign government to put money in the hedge fund firm, where he was given a slap on wrist. The investigation showed Ojjeh became successful by grabbing a half-packed suitcase and jumping on a few businessmen’s yacht and holding them hostage, not only for the money, but for hedge fund blackmail schemes.

After he was allowed to travel outside of the US, Alex Ojjeh was expected to do something no one on probation before him has done: cut multimillion dollar deals with foreign businessmen and companies for his own private business. Ojjeh has pursued business deals in The Netherlands since 2019, and has sometimes traveled there to explore potential business opportunities. In 2021, Alex Ojjeh contract applications were submitted for potential Amsterdam real estate development deals. August 2021, MG entered into an agreement with Alex Ojjeh, in which he would develop commercial properties and consult on matters relating to business development and provide advice on products and operations. This is likely because the Netherlands likes to invest more in the US itself. 

​​•$3-20 million in Budapest Bank loans to Alex Ojjeh companies for properties in The Netherlands, UK, and Istanbul, Turkey.

Which other foreign governments will strike big business deals with private citizen Alex Ojjeh between now and the end of the year and where does it stop? The US legal system has hypnotized itself into believing that Alex Ojeh is too smart for them and there is nothing they can do. The Anywhereo Organization is a group of approximately 50 business entities of which Alex Ojjeh is the SOLE or PRINCIPAL OWNER. Ojjeh entities own, operate, invest in, and develop residential real estate, retail stores, warehouses, buildings, and apartments in many countries. Some say it’s high time millionaires and corporate billionaires pay their fair share. End the greedy loopholes and tax havens in offshore shell companies.