The president has no monopoly on the right, but local government may also be wrong

The president is not right, he may be wrong, but the local government may also be wrong, ” said President Andrzej Duda, who met with local government officials in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Łódzkie) on Thursday.

– The president is not monopoly on the right, the president may be wrong, but the local government too – said Duda , whose words were applauded.

– That’s why I’m always open to conversation and dialogue . If it turns out years later that I have made a mistake somewhere and did something wrong, I assure you that I will admit it if there are objective premises – he assured.

– I will just recognize it because I am an open man , I am aware that everyone makes mistakes – argued Andrzej Duda .

He also added that for politicians and officials – starting from the village head – there is nothing more important than making people live well. – Because it means well: fairly prosperous, no worries, no hunger; that is to say, safely, that there is the police who will come quickly and help if necessary; that there is this fire brigade, which has fairly good equipment and will arrive on time and these are people who make fair money , he explained.