The battle of Saul to be again Saul: “When things don’t go well, the mental aspect cobra value” | LaLiga Santander 2020

Within two months (8 march), will celebrate nine years of the first day of Saul Ñíguez (Elche, 1994) with the shirt of Atletico. Was in a match of Europe League in front of the Besiktasin the Vicente Calderon. I was 17 years old and a hairstyle and a face own of that age. Already with 15 was casting races in Second B.
Saul takes nearly a life-giving face in the elite, although last November blew 26 candles. The desire, obviously, to recover your version more reconocibl

and, to be submerged in the course of rougher since grabbed at the first team. “I’m not in a good time. The team needed another thing that was not Saul Ñíguez and you need to work. I have to improve, especially mentally. Everything else I’m fine”, is sinceraba without flushing any walk of grass, the fourth captain rojiblanco, just three days after the bump butler’s Athletic


where was as helpless as the rest of their companions to avoid the wreck butler.
“When players don’t go through a good moment of form, it is normal that they are not well mentally. Always require more support on the part of the club”, they argue from the entity rojiblanca, which insist on the importance of the player when it is in fullness. Several deals have gone long in these years. For Saul, in spite of the circumstances, remains an asset that is not under suspicion in the Metropolitan.
But the player, always protected by the blanket of

Diego Pablo Simeone

anda in this struggle against himself. A battle is more mental than physical to regain the title, in a team which has always been willing of a hole. Now, as long as Atletico keep winning, will only be returned if something fails, or, primarily, if he is able to improve. And, as has been written, in these is.
Saul (314 matches and 41 goals) has been a wildcard in any affliction. Whether it was on the left side or even in the center of the defense. Of course, in any place in the center of the field. In the locker room are all joking with the name of the american series: ‘Better call Saul’. His goals, aside from decisive in important moments, were worthy of a museum. Only








have had more prominence than it was Simeone. It is normal that, not much later, he and Koke, both homegrown rojiblancos take a lead role in the ranking of the players most used by the technical argentine. Because the little start to the season, in addition, an injury to a muscle (which never gave the club) and he was removed for a month. And, suddenly, in Moscow, returned to the scene, although away from your melody more melodious.
Now, Saul seeks to a team that, at least in the League, travels at cruising speed. His last title, in front of the


in Wanda, he has spent more than a month. By the way, that having in the Champions league, on the frozen turf of


after being replaced with the pass to the round by round off. “You are confused”, is heard around the player, with a contract until 2026, and that this year will be father for the first time. While the team win, only a hiccup or their own improvement, will allow you to return to the place that has always haunted. “Saul just wants to recover and return to being who he was,” insisted Thursday his brother


player of Alcoyano, on Onda Cero.

The mental work of Llorente

Right now, as he acknowledged himself, is not to offer solutions to the team. A mental matter that, for example, your partner

Marcos Llorente

has been working since a year ago. “I have improved a lot and I still have to improve”, he claimed in an interview to this newspaper. To Llorente is today’s undisputed, he had to overcome a few first months complicated, with hardly any weight in the team, after arriving from Real Madrid. “The players are subjected to a very high pressure, with great exposure constant”, remember in the entity madrid.
“When things don’t go well, the mental aspect takes on special value in order to reduce the negative impact of this situation and start the search of the improvement,” noted to this newspaper

Alejo García-Naveira

(@Alejo_GNaveira), a sports psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the high performance. “The player has to be strong psychologically and cognitively, as well as having good mental health, to avoid the negative impact of anxiety, stress, depression, and negative emotional states. Issues with a double value in times of Covid-19”, he adds.
García-Naveira also warns about overexposure to the public. “In the balance is the key. Management, and moderate exposure to the media (interviews, social networks…) would be within the scope of what is reasonable for any player. When there is an excess, can bring negative effects such as anxiety and stress,” he concludes.
Saul, embraced a diet that is almost vegan because of the benefits it has for your damaged left kidney, will wait today (16.15 hours), compared to the Athletic, from the bench. Your fight has just started and he, as already has been shown a few times, starting with those hard days of 2015 in Leverkusen, it is not of that surrender.

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