Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo… and Nintendo is ri of them

As recognized in a curious joke told one of the main responsible for the development of the first Xbox

Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo... and Nintendo is ri
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Microsoft celebrate in November 20 years of the U.s. launch of its first video game console, Xbox, a project in which few companies of the industry believed in its inception, but has over time become one of the actors most important of the same, despite the fact that Nintendo came to rerse of the company american when you intent to purchase your business.

The first time you played the name Xbox was in Games Developers Conference 2000, a year after that they had the first news stories on the Playstation 2, which Sony had the intention of redisear the world of the computer and walking into a home without a computer.

This statement of intentions, alert to Microsoft, who understood it as an attack to which I could not be impasivo. Then began a multitude of meetings on whether the company should make the jump to the rea of the games and the way to face this way, as have told various officers of Xbox in an interview to Bloomberg.

The idea worked several groups simultaneously but separate. One of them were responsible for DirectX, a solution, a pioneer in the field of video games for the personal computer, which enabled the developers of the little work on experiences that TWO not allow them to create, with the added incentive of doing it directly for Windows.

Initially named the company as the Windows Entertainment Platform, with the code name of Midway, ahab, being a DirectX Box, Xbox in its abbreviated formas it was this solution which encamin the development of this equipment, such as a computer that is intended to be a gaming console.

Ace, in Games Developer Conference, 2000, I announced Xbox, and a year later, he presented the video game Xbox in Los angeles. Came to the market in the united States in November of 2001 (for Japan and Europe’hara in 2002).

However, and as with the hardware ready, there were games, above all, ttulos with the draft among the public. In search of this software the management of Microsoft came to meet with EA, Bethesda, Tecmo, Square Enix or Konami.

Also met with Nintendo, who proposed an association joint venture or if you consider an acquisition, since their hardware was not the best, but despuntaban with the games. As a response, the directors of the company japanese laughed, ensure the interviewees.

Despite the obstacles initial, the business of video games of Microsoft reached the 11.600 million dollars -data at the end of your year finaliz the past 30 of June-. On the 10th of November I went out to sale their console of new generation, Xbox Series S/X, with the backing of ttulos as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion.

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